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'Master Plan' In The Works for Downtown Siloam Springs

SILOAM SPRINGS - "We believe that this is one of the best small towns in America," says Meredith Bergstrom, executive director of Main Street Siloam Springs.
SILOAM SPRINGS -- A downtown master plan is in the works for one local city, as an outside firm has been hired to project it's growth and development.

"There's this phrase that's been popping up it's actually from the 80s, but it's coming back and it's 'Siloam's Got It,'" Meredith Bertgstrom, executive director for Main Street Siloam Springs says.

She's referring to a resurrecting a phrase, in hopes that it rings true.

Whatever Siloam has, Main Street Siloam Springs is aiming to make it even better.

"We are calling it the Siloam Springs Downtown and Connectivity Master Plan," Bergstrom says.

On Monday, Main Street Siloam Springs hosted one of two public meetings this week.

It's asking that folks put markers to maps and draw a picture of what they think the city should look like five to seven years from now.

"A plan makes the most sense and has the most integrity when it's built out of the ideas and vision of the people in our town," Bergstrom says.

The group has also hired an outside urban development firm: Dover, Kohl and Partners, to mix its expertise with citizen opinion.

"It's about a full year process, but we're in the middle of kind of the real planning stages," Bergstrom says.

Managers at 28 Springs -- the former car dealership turned restaurant -- think this latest development project will cook up nothing but citywide success.

"As like a downtown business this makes me really excited," Casey Letellier, head drinks enthusiast says.

"To see something like this feels like there's a recognition in a little bit broader sort of scale that downtown is worth working on."

Bergstrom adds: "We believe that this is one of the best small towns in America."
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