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Missouri Man Visits Site of 2014 Olympics

Many of us will never have a chance to travel to the Olympic games, but a small town man recently got to take a big trip to Sochi, Russia.
Eugene Tindall has been to Sochi, Russia twice: once in 2011 and again last July for missionary work. It was nothing like he expected. "It's right on the Black Sea. It's a rock beach which is different so stone beach all the way around but palm trees, it's a very mild climate," Tindall said.

While in Sochi, he and his family prayed for the 2014 Olympics and athletes safety. Tindall says it was fascinating to slowly watch the area transform into a spot for athletes to compete. "Everything you see in the Olympics is made from scratch, and so there's tons of construction in October 2011 and it's amazing to see how much they completed and how's it's changed the area." 

He said security is high in Russia and with the games getting closer the security is becoming more strict. "We had to be careful where we could go... And you couldn't get as close this time as we did the first time." He and a group of missionaries also worked with English clubs. Tindall says the city is not a hot spot for Americans so many residents in the area don't speak English, but have a strong desire to learn it. "Many of them wanted to learn English especially to help meet people in the Olympics to be a volunteer and to also try and help them also in their businesses when tourists are coming."

He tells us the trip to Russia was something he never thought could be possible. "I grew up in the cold war and I never actually thought I would ever get a chance to go there and so a chance for me to attend a worship service in Russia twice and actually get to preach was amazing for me.
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