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Moore Tornado Victims Told to Clean Up or Pay Up

MOORE, Okla. (NBC NEWS/KFOR) -- Tornado victims in Moore, Oklahoma received quite a surprise recently and not a good one -- basically an ultimatum.

The city has put notices in their yards, ordering them to have everything cleared out. And they have until the end of the week to clean everything up.

KFOR reports property owners like Mathes are mad and as crews work to clear the rocks and rubble left behind the letters left in yards inform owners they have less than two days until the city comes in and charges $350 to finish.

Weeks of snow has slowed the progress for many of the more than 400 storm victims being told to move faster says KFOR.  But city leaders told KFOR the lots need to be cleared and mowed or grass will eventually grow, creating a breeding ground for mosquitos if rocks and concrete block mowers.

If property owners do not have a contractor to help clear their lot, they can call the city and they will provide one for $350. If the lot is not cleared, the city will come out anyway and charge them the same price.

If the property owners do not pay, a lien will be placed on their property and a $100 administration fee will be charged.

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