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New Kind of Local Radio Seeks Support

FAYETTEVILLE -- 'Community Radio' held a fundraiser at Greenhouse Grille Sunday night.
FAYETTEVILLE -- A new kind of radio will soon be playing through Fayetteville speakers.

'Community Radio' is months from debuting, but Sunday night a fundraiser was held at Greenhouse Grille to help raise the $30,000 the station manager says it will need before it hits the airwaves.

Station manager Joe Newman says the programming will feature local musicians, poets, storytellers and everyday local people.

"It's going to be totally different with a lot of community input," Newman says.

"The U in community is you, we need you. This is about you, it's about the community, and get involved."

Newman says the station will be heard on 97.3 FM in Fayetteville and its studios will be upstairs at the Nightbirds bookstore on Dickson Street.
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