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New Parking Deck Expected To Help Fayetteville Traffic Troubles

With a new parking deck on the way, Fayetteville businesses hope to see more customers spending their money downtown.
FAYETTEVILLE -- The city of Fayetteville is breaking ground on the city's new parking deck at the intersection of Spring Street and School Avenue.

The project has been in the works for the past two years.
The city council approved plans in July to start demolition of the Walton Arts Center offices that are standing there at the moment.
In early August, a construction company set up shop in the area.

After losing customers in the past, local businesses are hoping the new deck brings parking relief.

"Parking is normally a mess. People are always complaining that they don't have anywhere to park," said Mackenzie Schwietz, a server for Grub's, a restaurant that neighbors the construction site. "A lot of times, we do have people come in and complain, um, and a lot of times, they'll leave and we won't see them again."

Businesses are hoping the deck will ease a lot of the parking problems they've had in the past.
They're hoping to see more customers coming back to spend their money downtown.
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