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Nonprofit Stresses Hydration As Football Season Kicks Off

The Kendrick Fincher Foundation wants coaches and players to beat the heat.
ROGERS -- Football teams around Northwest Arkansas are gearing up for training camp. The Kendrick Fincher Foundation is reaching out to coaches, stressing the importance of hydration.

"We'd like to remind them and honor them for the efforts that they have to keep kids healthy and keep them hydrated so that they don't succumb to heat related illness in hot weather," said Bill Oldham, council advisor for the Kendrick Fincher Foundation.

Many players come to practice and suit up in pounds of gear, then hit the scorching hot turf with no fluids in their system.

"Research shows that over half the students coming for practice are not hydrated when they come to practice so pre-hydration is a really important part of a student being healthy," Oldham said.

The foundation wants players to know it's important to drink plenty of water before, during and after a workout. They're calling on coaches to help players and their parents beat the heat.

"They have hydration equipment but making sure the kids take sufficient breaks and the hotter it gets and the higher the humidity, the more breaks they need, the more water they need and so just ensuring that that hydration is going during practice," Oldham said.

The group's mission is to keep student athletes healthy.

"Our goal is to have no heat related illnesses at all because it is 100 percent preventable. And so, as we keep reminding the coaches and they keep reminding their kids, uh, we keep people healthier," Oldham said.

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