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NWA Teacher Goes To White House, Has Lunch With Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- President Obama met with teachers from around the nation on Monday. One of those educators? Justin Minkel from NWA.
Justin Minkle (via Twitter)
Justin Minkle (via Twitter)
WASHINGTON, D.C. --- According to The Washington Post, President Obama and four teachers sat down for lunch on Monday.

White House secretary Arne Duncan was in attendance as well. Justin Minkel, an award winning NWA teacher, was among those at The White House for the meal.  He teaches at Jones Elementary school in Springdale and also writes an education blog.

On Thursday, Minkle tweeted about his White House experience saying it was "truly an amazing conversation."

Minkel wrote about his experience and what the group of teachers said to Obama in an Education Week article.  Read it HERE.

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