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NWA Team on the Ground in Vilonia

VILONIA, AR. --- A group from Rogers, AR. set out on Monday morning to lend a helping hand to those in Central Arkansas.
VILONIA, AR. --- A group of men from Rogers drove to Vilonia on Monday with chainsaws in hand.

Jason Richardson of Northwest Arkansas is with the Sheepdog Impact Assistance. He is working on the clean-up in Vilonia.

"Lots of down trees, a little bit of the chaos going on, people in shock," said Richardson. "Just coming to help everybody with downed trees, patch roofs, hand out water."

One home was barely touched, but a 35 foot tree crashed down in the backyard.

The sheepdog's Central Arkansas chapter was recently formed and Commander Jeff Watts is excited to work with the team from Rogers.

"That's the mothership. That's the national office, so these are the guys that have the most experience in doing this," said Watts.

Richardson's team is just at the beginning of the impact they hope to make in Vilonia.

"The sheepdog is named, you know, cause we're society's protectors. So, that's why we're here. We're just trying to help."

The NWA Chapter of Sheepdog will be in Central Arkansas at least a week and the Little Rock based team will help out for at least the next two.

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