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Police: High-Speed Chase Ends in Crash, Driver Narrowly Misses Hitting Crowd

FORT SMITH -- A driver led police on a high-speed chase, and cops say he came close to hitting people at a 5K in the process.
FORT SMITH -- A high-speed chase ends with a truck crashing near a 5K run as people dodged a driver who police say reached speeds of 100 miles an hour.

Police say it all began Saturday morning on Phoenix avenue after an officer clocked the truck at 93 miles an hour.

After losing sight of the truck, police located the truck 20 minutes later, and the chase continued near Veterans Avenue.

Officers say a 5K running event was going on as the truck came by.

Police say the truck narrowly missed six people including a 6 year old, before crashing on Veterans Avenue, just south of Zero Street.

Officers arrested Kyle Spoon, 23, he's facing multiple charges including DWI, reckless driving and six counts of aggravated assault.
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