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Police Investigate Shooting

Springdale police are looking into the report of a shooting.
SPRINGDALE, AR -- Springdale Police are investigating an early morning shooting that sent one man to the hospital. According to police, Dakota Rogers was admitted to the emergency room early Monday morning with gunshot wounds to his wrist and abdomen. Rogers told police he was walking near the Links Apartments when four men in a white car pulled up and shot him. Rogers says he flagged down another driver, who took him to the emergency room. He was taken into surgery and his condition is not know at this time.

Police say they checked the area, and were unable to fine anything related to the shooting. The Springdale Police Department says it is looking for any information related to the white vehicle, the person who drove Rogers to a gas station earlier in the evening, and the driver who took him to the emergency room. Anyone with information should contact Springdale Police Department.
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