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Richard Sherman, Regis Philbin & Mozart: Sights and Sounds of Super Bowl Media Day 2014

There are many popular game day traditions like watch parties and chowing down on your favorite super bowl snack...but there's no tradition quite like Media Day.
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- From the bands, to the wild costumes, to the Richard Sherman circus, even Regis Philbin took part in Media Day. "It's the biggest thrill that these two places have ever had," Philbin said. "Never had the Super Bowl here...never thought about it because of the weather conditions. So, how we got it, I don't know, but here it is and we're happy to have it."

Among the wildly dressed was one young man named Phillip who made the 9 hour trek from his native Austria. "We've broadcast the N.F.L. for more than 5 years so it's always exciting," he said. "We have to transfer the feeling of Austria to the U.S. This year, we thought Mozart would be a good idea our King of Pop. Like in the U.S. You have Elvis as the King of Pop, we have Mozart. He's world famous, so I'm world famous today here at the media day," he said.

While one of the best parts of media day might be catching up with people in crazy costumes and seeing which celebrities are in the building, for one Denver Broncos player, making it this far is something he's been waiting his entire career for. "All my life," Champ Bailey said. "It's not all it's caked up to be, but you gotta take it all in. I just try to enjoy the moment. This is the Super Bowl."
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