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Six Years Later: Remembering Super Tuesday

A pack of deadly tornadoes ripped through Arkansas in 2008. Survivors have moved and rebuilt, but the impact of the storm is still present.
VAN BUREN COUNTY -- Six years later, a mile down memory lane. People still remember every scary second of the tornado of 2008. "There was 8 of us in this hallway, we were laying on this floor we laid on my grandkids in case something fell on us," said storm survivor, Susie Bonds. "It was like the lord has his hand on us. Nothing happened to us but when we walked outdoors everything was destroyed.," she said.

The twister transformed Honey Hills, wiping out their daughter's home. But like the people of Clinton, most people are resilient, even through more storms. "Clinton is coming back. We lost all industry and we were declared a disaster 7 times in 18 months," said Clinton Mayor, Roger Rorie. With the help of volunteers, federal and state funds they've rebuilt most of the city. "The people they don't quit here. They quit working that's what it's all about," Rorie said.

Together, they'll continue planning and pushing toward a brighter future. The mayor says the town held an official ceremony in 2009, marking the first anniversary of Super Tuesday but they haven't done anything formal since. He hopes they come up with a way permanent way to remember the tornado.

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