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Some Businesses Lose Out, Others Benefit in Winter Weather

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- Any place that employs delivery drivers runs a risk of lost business during snow and ice.
FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- During winter weather, any business that employs delivery drivers runs a risk of lost business.

"It slows us down a little bit," Kimberly George, owner of Northwest Arkansas Florist, says.

It's hard to stop and smell the roses with ice under your feet, much less deliver them.

"They take a little bit more time because we have to be extremely cautious," George says.

Mother Nature's latest mix has turned the bloom to gloom at the florist shop.

It's forced George to close early at her Fayetteville location and close for an entire day at her Bentonville location.

"...So that I can get my employees home before it gets dark," George says.

On the bright side, walk-in traffic hasn't slowed down much.

"If we're saying we're not delivering due to the weather, they've just come in and picked it up themselves," George says.

From posies, to pepperonis -- cabin fever leads to customers for a place like Eureka Pizza.

"We always get a lot of business when it snows," Shag Reiper, store manager, says.

The conditions might be a delivery guy's nightmare, but pizza patrons usually make it worthwhile.

"They tend to be more giving with the tips," Reiper says.

Slick streets can be good or bad for biz, but for those who have to tackle the transportation, a trip to the body shop could make it better.

As Reiper adds: "...Jacked up on 4-wheel drive suspension with big, muddin' snow tires."
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