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Spring Knocks While Rogers Schools Look Toward 2015 Winter

ROGERS, AR. --- It's officially the last day of winter and while some folks are looking to get past this year's snowy season, one school district is looking forward to next year's cold. The Rogers School District is planning a year in advance in case of another record setting snow season.
ROGERS, AR. --- Northwest Arkansas schools haven't had a full month of class since November.

 In Rogers, students have missed 13 days this school year.

"It seems to have been a historic year for the amount of snowfall received," said Ashley Siwiec with Rogers Schools.

The district will hold classes into June, but next year could be a different story.

"We don't always want to add every day to the end of the year, so what are some other days that we might consider?"

This week, the school board approved a calendar that would have extra built-in make-up days - if we have another winter wallop.

"Usually we plan for five days and we add those to the end of the year but from the lessons that we've learned this year and in some other years we think we need to go beyond that," said Siwiec.

In addition to those five days, the district has now identified additional make-up days on the front end, so parents can plan around them just in case.

"We just like to schedule those up front so people know and can expect if there might be a Saturday or there might be some days over Spring Break that might be used," said Siwiec.

It's just some proof for parents that even though Rogers School District can't control winter's wrath - it can plan ahead.

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