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Springdale Brewery Continues Expansion

Northwest Arkansas' craft beer scene is surging, and a Springdale company is tapping in to increased demand.
Springdale, AR - Northwest Arkansas' craft beer scene is surging, and a Springdale company is tapping in to increased demand.

Core Brewing & Distilling Company started in 2010 with just two employees, CEO Jesse Core, and his Uncle Kit.

"Now we're 15 employees, and we really need more," Core says. "Last year at this time we did 31 barrels. This month we're going to do over 300 barrels, so we've grown... about ten times in the last 12 months."

The Springdale brewery is expanding far beyond Northwest Arkansas, heading to Tennessee and South Dakota. Core wants to be an international brand before the end of the year.

"We're approaching about 400 locations where our product is," he says. "We're hoping to be in Mexico in 2014."

The company spent a week in Mexico City, meeting with distributors, and says it's one of just a few breweries nationwide looking to tap the market South of the border.

The Springdale Chamber of Commerce is excited to see Core's success.
"It signals, not only to the region, but also the state, that Springdale is a player when it comes to this new area of economic development for our state," says Bill Rogers, VP of Communications for the Chamber. "This is an area that is growing rapidly, and you're taking an entrepreneur type approach, meeting a need, a niche that consumers want."

Rogers says the homegrown brewery would be a perfect fit in the city's downtown revitalization.

"As investors see proof of what's being planned, we will begin to see more and more announcements, more and more interest, more and more private investment," he says. "Right now is a great time for those entrepreneurs who have a love of Springdale."

Core may have his sights set on far away places, but he also sees the potential on Emma Avenue.

"It's being realized right now, and we have some great guys that are driving that down there," he says. "We certainly plan on being a part of downtown Springdale."

It's still to early to tell when or where Core may set up shop in downtown Springdale, but a Rogers location is already on the way. The brewery plans to open a tasting room on New Hope Road in July.
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