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Springdale Climbing Gym Reaching New Heights After Reopening

The road to reopening for Ozark Climbing Gym was not easy.
SPRINGDALE -- Ozark Climbing Gym is reaching success in Northwest Arkansas. But the path for the business has been tough.

The gym shut its doors late last year with demolition in the works. But a group of climbers bought the gym. They worked for 8 months to keep the gym up and running. Now, the business is upgrading equipment and even hiring new employees. Just a few months ago, these owners weren't getting paid themselves.

"A lot of my friends were just sitting around the table saying 'Hey, you know, we gonna let this close down or are we gonna try something?'" said Jeff Harris, part-owner of the gym. "What we said is 'I'll tell you what, if something happens, if we can't....the bills can't play, we'll each put out money in order for it to make it happen.'"

Now, the gym is back up and running. Owners say they're working on adding more routes for climbers.
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