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Springdale Tightens Up 'Dangerous Animals' Policy

SPRINGDALE, AR-- Animals who are considered "dangerous" are soon to be outlawed in the city of Springdale.
SPRINGDALE, AR-- Animals considered 'dangerous' are soon to be outlawed in Springdale. Council members passed the controversial "dangerous animals" ordinance 6-to-2 Tuesday night. It outlines the punishments so-called 'dangerous animals' and their owners could face. If they've bitten a person or even another animal, they could be impounded or euthanized. We're told the ordinance is not breed specific. The ordinance does not focus on specific breeds, but instead, it focuses on 'animals' as a whole. 
Animal owners could be fined up to $500 a day for failing to follow the ordinance. For a detailed look at the regulations and how they could affect you, click here.

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