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State Of The Union Addresses Issues In Arkansas

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS --- On Tuesday, President Obama let the nation and Congress know what he wants to accomplish in 2014. Some of those goals are big issues here in NWA as well.
NORTHWEST ARKANSAS --- The State Of The Union not only addressed Congress on Tuesday night, but let the entire nation know what President Obama wants to do for 2014.  

One of his goals? Immigration reform. 

According to political expert Hoyt Purvis, those changes may take time. 

"I think there's certainly a strong level of support for immigration reform, but getting it accomplished where you have the divisions that we have in Washington right now, that's going to be tough," said Purvis. 

In Northwest Arkansas, the speech gave those working for reform a bit of hope for the future. 

"The priorities he laid forth are definitely priorities that are well aligned with immigrants here in Arkansas and in the Northwest Arkansas area," said Mireya Reith. 

Mireya Reith is the Executive Director at Arkansas United Community Coalition. Reith hopes Obama can rally support from both sides of the aisle. 

"I think what excited us the most was the bipartisan applause around it," said Reith. "Really, immigration reform fell along partisan lines in the House of Representatives over the fall of last year."

It wasn't all about immigration Tuesday night. Economic growth played a big part of the president's speech as well. 

"What people are really interested in most of all is improving the economy," said Purvis. "He seemed to be acknowledging that there's a log more to be done."

Purvis said when it comes to that issue, NWA is ahead of the game. 

"We're not in nearly the difficult situation that many regions of the country are in. In fact, we're relatively well off," said Purvis. 

Immigration and the economy. Two topics that are top of mind for the nation and The Natural State. 

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