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Storms Damage Trees, Power Lines in River Valley Monday

SPIRO, OK -- Storms in the River Valley damaged trees and left some power lines down Monday afternoon.
SPIRO, OK -- Storms in the River Valley left some uprooted trees and downed power lines Monday afternoon.

In Spiro, Okla., a little girl getting off the school bus just made it into her home when a 50-year-old tree was uprooted and landed on the garage.

Nine-year-old Blaise Douglas said she got inside just in time to take cover and see the trees being snapped apart in her yard.

"I actually got in the house and then the tree fell over when the storm started," Blaise Douglas said. "And then I saw this tree break right here, and then I saw that one next."

The tree damaged the garage of the home, along with a horse trailer, truck and lawnmower parked outside, narrowly missing the family car.

The family is among those in the River Valley left without electricity Monday night, as storms also downed power lines in the area.
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