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The Pulse: 4 Killed in Massive Landslide

This is Sunday's edition of -- The Pulse.
This is Sunday's edition of -- The Pulse.

Number five -- The U.S. First Lady toured the Great Wall of China, with her mother and daughters, as part of her week-long visit to the country. Michelle Obama is focusing on education and so-called "soft issues," as opposed to serious politics. She has been spending time with students and doing many of the things tourists do when they go to China.

Number four -- Members of the Westboro Baptist Church staged a protest Friday at Lorde's concert in Saint Louis, Missouri. The church has protested at many concerts and military funerals over the years, but this was the protest since the death of the church's pastor, Fred Phelps. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church were on the sidewalk holding the same signs they have taken to nearly 53,000 events. But on the other side of the street, another group came out holding different signs to spread the message of positivity and even held up a sign that read "Sorry for your Loss" referring to Phelps' death.

Number three -- The latest in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now in its third week. Eight planes and one ship searched the southern Indian Ocean again without finding anything of significance. However, new French satellite data revealed more objects in the vicinity of the so-called southern corridor. On Saturday, crews did find a wooden pallet and strapping belts. Those objects are used in the airline industry, but also on ships and it is not clear where the items came from.

Number two -- A barge is leaking oil after colliding with a ship near Houston, Texas. Officials say the barge contained nearly a million gallons of fuel oil. The collision happened in Galveston Bay on the Houston Ship Channel and now multiple agencies and companies responded to the scene. The U.S. Coast Guard says it all began Saturday afternoon. The barge is partially sunk, but Texas City's emergency manager says only one of its four tanks is leaking.

Number one -- Four people were killed Saturday in a massive mudslide in Snohomish County, Washington. At least eight people in the town of Oso, including an infant, were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Mud and trees blocked the Sillaguamish River and completely covered State Road 530. At least six homes have been destroyed. Rescue teams are still trying to search for survivors. There are still many people unaccounted for. Officials say there is the potential for serious flooding downstream of the part of the river that is blocked and they are urging residents in the affected area to evacuate.

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