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Thieves Steal From Cars at Church, Return Bible

A week after items were taken from several cars, a bible and one bag reappears, hanging from the church doorknob.
MONTICELLO, AR -- Kyle Bryan, pastor of Enon Baptist Church in Monticello, says during Sunday evening service on January 26,  someone stole from cars in the parking lot.

One of the victim's we spoke to had her bag stolen - with a phone and Bible inside.

"We've gone there for 25 years and never locked a vehicle," she said, pointing out the faith they had of leaving their car unlocked.  "Well you do feel very violated," she said. "What they did was wrong."

But just a week later, the Bible and bag are now back in the hands of their rightful owner. The bag was found hanging on the front door knob of the church but only the bible was inside. There was no phone.

"This was of no value to them," the victim said, holding the Bible.

She said she's happy to have it back and while whoever stole it in the first place likely tried to just undo a wrong, it doesn't fix how she feels about being stolen from while at church.

"Honestly I wish they'd kept the Bible and read it," she said. "A third of a right doesn't make it right."

Pastor Bryan has encouraged members to remember to simply lock their car.

They don't expect the other stolen belongings to show up on the church porch but Drew County authorities are investigating and charges could range from felony breaking or entering to theft.
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