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Top Trenders: 'Better Call Saul'

There's a new fix for Breaking Bad fans, Cake Boss is rescued and Mother Nature stops a monorail in Disney World.
Number 5: "Better Call Saul"
        There's a new fix for "Breaking Bad" fans. AMC has released promo photos from the set of the show's prequel, "Better Call Saul."The series is set six years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White, the new series tracks the lawyer's early years, working alongside "Breaking Bad" favorite Mike Erhmantraut."Better Call Saul" has already been renewed for a second season, ahead of its 2015 series premiere.

Number 4: Cake Boss Rescued From Boat
    TV's "Cake Boss" and some friends were rescued after his boat got lost in heavy fog in New York Harbor. Buddy Valastro says the group was returning to a marina in New Jersey friday night when they got lost in the fog. They called for help after nearly colliding with another boat. New York fire and police units found them and towed the group home. Buddy says he wants to thank his rescuers by, what else, baking them a cake.

Number 3: Monorail No Go
    Mother Nature stopped a monorail in its tracks at Disney World this weekend. A weather-related power outage disabled the train in Epcot, with about 120 people on board. Disney crews tried to re-start the monorail, but it was no go. So, rescue crews evacuated everyone using a fire truck and an emergency hatch on the roof. Passengers were then strapped to a safety line, and walked across a few cars before climbing down. No one was hurt.

Number 2: Lebron James To Cleveland
    If you haven't already heard, Lebron James told sports illustrated on friday that he's leaving the heat to head back home to Cleveland. James played his first seven years with the Cavaliers, before leaving in 2010 for the Miami Heat. In four seasons with the Heat, the 29-year old led the team to two titles. Lebron is a four-time MVP and two-time finals MVP.

Number 1: Germany Wins World Cup
  Germany won its fourth world cup Sunday after a tense one to zero victory over Argentina. Fans took to the streets of Berlin to celebrate the big win. This is Germany's first world cup victory since 1990. Police in Argentina arrested at least 30 people sunday in Buenos Aires, after World Cup celebrating got out of hand. Local media says people smashed windows, vandalized a theater, beat up journalists and attacked police officers.

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