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Top Tweets From Sochi: Olympic Recap

SOCHI, RUSSIA--17 days, 66 live shots and 100 local stories. Here are some of the top Tweets from Neile Jones' Olympic journey.
SOCHI, RUSSIA-- The Olympic flame that burned in Sochi for 17 days is now out. But the Russian city celebrated Sunday night with a spectacular closing ceremony. The Winter Games, closing out on a high note, with a farewell to the most expensive Olympics in history. It involved 62 grand pianos, thousands of volunteers and one highlight of the night, an inspired flashback to the opening ceremony and the Olympic ring that didn't open. And the festivities, did not disappoint. In a final farewell, fireworks lit up the sky of Sochi, and the torch for the next Winter Games was handed off to South Korea. Our Neile Jones was there for the entire month, bringing us exclusive coverage. In fact, she spent 19 days in Sochi, doing 66 live shots and covering 100 local stories. She was rubbing elbows with Brian Williams and interviewing Olympic athletes like Kristy Yamaguchi. You can check out some of the top Tweets from Neile's journey right here.
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