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Washington County Road Crews Working Overtime

Road crews are working overtime to make sure roads are safe.
FAYETTEVILLE - Washington County road crews are working long hours to clear ice and snow off the roads. Employees have been working fourteen hour plus days since Sunday. They are making progress but this comes at a price.

"The diesel, the man-hour, the chips." Washington County Road Supervisor Henry Wilson said. "It's getting very expensive."

According to Wilson, main roads are clear for the most part but some crews aren't done yet. They are starting on dirt roads today in hopes schools can be in session tomorrow. 

"Until we get some mother nature, some good ole sunshine, that's going to be the best we can do," Wilson said.

Since the county is spending so much money on clearing the roads this season Wilson thinks this might hurt other projects coming up this summer. 

The crews say the public has been thanking them out in the field and that the gratitude is enough to keep them going until the job is done.

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