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Woman Arrested After Running Naked Down Fayetteville Street

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- The person who called 911 said she was intoxicated on drugs and "tripping balls."
FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- Police say Melissa Valencia, 21, ran down Center Street in Fayetteville naked Tuesday night.  The person who called 911 said Valencia was intoxicated on drugs and "tripping balls."  When police got out of their patrol cars to try and chase her down, the officers say Valencia ran into a nearby parking lot and tried to hide from them behind a pole. 

According to investigators, Valencia was combative and resisted arrest.  Police say they had to put her in handcuffs and two sets of leg restraints.  She was taken to the hospital for treatment.  While being interviewed at the hospital later, officers say Valencia admitted to taking acid.

She faces charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
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