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Your Health: Other Autoimmune Diseases

Rheumatologists see unusual diseases and sometimes diagnosing them is tricky as Dr. Jessica Short tells us in this edition of Your Health.
As a Rheumatologist we see a lot of unusual  stuff. We see autoimmune diseases." These disorders, in which a patient's body is under attack by the very system designed to fight off disease, can be tricky to diagnose.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia  are the most common. Dr. Jessica Short says that Fibromyalgfia is the hardest to diagnose. " There's not a test that you can do, there's not a specific way to diagnose it... the main criteria is just all over body pain."

Dr. Short does say that patients can help their doctors by really focusing on where the pain is originating from " I think patients can be their own best advocate by paying attention to what's really bothering them."

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