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Your Health: Patient Loses 90lbs With Weight Loss Surgery

Patient Eunice Wood opens up about her surgery
In this week's edition of Your Health, Washington Regional Medical Center focuses on weight loss surgery. Patient Eunice Wood opens up about her surgery.

Well I've tried dieting all my life and I've tried Weight Watchers and other plans that are you know considered to be very healthy but what my problem was, it wasn't that I couldn't lose weight, it was that I couldn't maintain and keep it off . I would go on vacation and get out of my routine and blow it and then re-gain and so from year to year I just kept fluctuating back and forth. I weighed the most I ever had and I was having health issues. I wasn't able to be active like I wanted to be I didn't feel good and so I had a lot of friends, or several friends who had had weight loss surgery and they've all been very successful and I knew it was the right move for me in order for it to be a long term success. From the day I had surgery even til now about 7 months later I really don't experience hunger. You Know, I may feel like I can eat and I know I haven't eaten and I need to probably eat but honestly I don't experience hunger. I mean I had been on seven different medications I'm not taking any of them now, I'm just happy about myself, I really am and you know I have a lot of people that maybe I haven't seen in awhile and their just in amazement at how much weight I've lost and how much better I look and feel and it just, everyday it makes you happy. I waited for a long time and I wish I wouldn't have, I wish I would have done this a few years ago, when I could you know cause it's made such a difference in my life, I wish I wouldn't have lost that time.

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