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Your Health: Tackling Ticks

Ticks are everywhere! But what should you do if you find one of them embedded in your skin?
Dr. Buddy Newton: "Well the first thing you want to do is take it off, just be very careful about it. The best way is to do it is with tweezers. Try to grab the entire tick and slowly pull. Don't just jerk it out, because if you do it like that, you usually destroy the tick and you're just gonna rip the head off and the saliva is gonna to go in the wound. You don't wanna do that. But when you do have a tick that you wanna remove, the best thing to do is either take a picture of it with a scale, or a ruler next to it, or on your finger. Somehow we can know how big it is. And then, if you don't wanna do that, put it into a jar of alcohol, and keep it there. Usually if you're going to get sick from a tick-born illness, it's gonna be within anywhere from a week to three or four weeks, so I would keep it for at least a month. If you're gonna keep the tick around, keep it for about a month or so."
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