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Deadly Plane Crash Victims Identified

((UPDATE--11/02/13)) WASHINGTON COUNTY, AR -- The Washington County Sheriff's Office has identified the two people who died in a plane crash Friday night.
Update: The two people who died in an airplane crash just east of Springdale on Friday night have been identified as Searcy W. Harrell, 72, and Ruth Ann Hudson, 71, both of Camden.

A source tells us the two were flying from Camden to Rogers to watch their grandson play football.

Members of the community were reacting to the tragedy on Twitter.

Saturday morning, Springdale's 'Red Dog Soccer' account tweeted this: 

"Thoughts and prayers to Rogers quarterback Max Harrell and family in loss of grandparents tonight in Springdale plane crash from the SHS Red Dog family."

Rogers High School principal, Charles Lee tweeted this:

"Thoughts and prayers to Max, Mackenzie, and the Harrell family. May God sustain you during your loss and grief."

WASHINGTON COUNTY, AR -- The Washington County Sheriff's Office is investigating a deadly plane crash.

According to Lietuenant Emily Augustine, they received a 911 call around 5:45 p.m. from a neighbor who saw a plane go down off Bennington Road & Doolittle Road near Sonora.

A different emergency worker source within the county said there were two fatalities, but investigators on scene could only confirm that there were fatalities, but not an exact number. They did, however, state that there are no confirmed survivors, but again no information as to how many people were on board.

"I just heard a big boom... It really sounded like thunder, but I looked puzzled outside because it was really nice outside. Didn't think anything about it. Just thought it was a freak thunderclap," said Curtis McFarlin who lives near the crash site.

"Probably 10, 15 minutes later I started seeing fire trucks and ambulance and a couple of police cars come down the road, and that's when I realized it was a plane," said Stephanie McFarlin.

A Federal Aviation Administration official tells KNWA the Plane is an King Air Beechcraft. According to the Springdale Airport, in its last contact with the aircraft, the pilot mentioned the plane was low on fuel.

Officials are still in the early stages of the investigation. There are several different agencies involved and they said they will be canvassing the area, gathering information and interviewing any possible witnesses.

Stay tuned to KNWA & Fox 24 for the latest on this story.

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