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Defensive On The Right Track After Game 1

The defense has improvement still to do, but they looked better than they have in recent past on Saturday against Louisiana Lafayette.
"Our defense took a while to settle down, but I think did a very nice job against a very good offense." says Head Coach Bret Bielema.

"That's one thing we had to stop them, 3 and out. Stop them on first and second down i think was the key." says Defensive End Chris Smith.

Shutting down Quarterback Terrance Broadway to negative one yards on the ground and the Louisiana Lafayette offense to only 14 points,  the Arkansas defense showing they refuse to be like defenses in the past.

"We know how hard fundamentals and technique, that's all our Defensive Line Coach Partridge teaches, and we just came out here and played with tremendous fundamentals." adds Defensive End Trey Flowers.

"We had takeaways and things of that nature, and the sacks matter too, so that's one thing we got after them a little bit." adds Smith.

Junior Defensive End Trey Flowers lead the charge with two sacks and three tackles for loss-

"We might have struggled with that a couple times last year, but Coaches coach we had to stay in our lanes."

his partner in crime on the other end, Chris Smith had one sack-

"We had to stop the run and things of that nature, make them one dimensional, and we were able to pass rush."

As solid as the guys up front were, there is room for improvement at Linebacker and the Secondary. You can't base an opinion after only one game- but compared to the past, they're a defense moving in the right direction.

"I think we set a pretty good tone, and we got to keep moving forward, the 1-0 mentality. And understand this game is over with and behind us and it's on to the next one." adds Flowers.

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