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Deputies Take Time To Shop, Play For A Good Cause

LOWELL, AR. --- On Tuesday, The Benton County Sheriff's Office took 27 kids to shop for some Christmas presents and then it was off to hang out at Fast Lane Entertainment in Lowell.
LOWELL, AR. -- The Benton County Deputies Office took time to play with kids at Fast Lane Entertainment on Tuesday.

It's part of the Police Athletic League (PAL) program.  PAL is a program where officers are involved in students lives for crime prevention.

"Some of these kids don't have a positive role model in their lives, they have parents that may be incarcerated, they may have parents that don't have a lot to give," said Deputy Keisha Guyll with the Benton County Deputies Office.

The Sheriff's Office also took the kids shopping on Tuesday morning for presents in the "Shop With A Cop" Program.

"It's really heartbreaking, but then it kind of makes your heart smile. On the other end, it's because a lot of the kids don't want things for themselves. They wanted to buy their mom something, or their little brother something. The majority of the kids wanted to buy for their other family members first," said Guyll.

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