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Doing Good - Boxer Rescue of Northwest Arkansas

For the past few years a local nonprofit has been working to help rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out a specific breed of dog - the Boxer.

At 93 years young, Jack Williams has had more than a dozen Boxers in his lifetime and he plans on getting another one in a matter of weeks.

But it is where he plans on getting his latest edition that makes it extra special.

Jack Williams, who plans on adopting from the Boxer Rescue of Northwest Arkansas , said, "I've loved Boxers forever. they're beautiful dogs. I've been fortunate. Had a lot of them and loved everyone of them.

The Boxer Rescue of Northwest Arkansas is a nonprofit that works to rehabilitate Boxers who were at area shelters, owner surrender or even abused and neglected.

The nonprofit's director, Jeanne Champagne, said, "When you invest that time in training them they make a great companion and family pet. Very gentle. Whether that's physically, emotionally sociable, we just work with them to make them adoptable."

At any given time the rescue facility can hold up to 8 boxers on their 8 acres of land.

Organizers say each Boxer gets their own specific rehabilitation plan.

In the past 4 years they have helped to find nearly 80 dogs a new home.

"Our ultimate goal is to rehome them and to give them a forever home. That's what we look to do. I love it. Rescue work I was something I was born to do," said Champagne.

Williams said, "I'm 93 years old. I may not be around long enough to get too many more boxers."

For now Jack is waiting for his pick of the litter to add to his family and encourages others to do the same.

"If anybody wanted a dog, a boxer is what they would want if they had a family," said Williams.

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