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Doing Good - EOA Children's House

The EOA Children's House is a nonprofit helping abused and neglected children in Northwest Arkansas.

Enhancing the lives of abused and neglected children in our area, the foundation of the Children's House.

Brenda  Zedlitz, the Director of Children's Services said,"You just get this proud feeling when they accomplish something and you know you had a little to do with it. This was a dream I didn't build, but I get to live it out and that's awesome for me."

In addition to offering several classrooms with a low teacher to student ratio for learning, the nonprofit also have specially designed counseling and therapy rooms to help children in the healing process.

"All of the components that are necessary for a child to begin to heal from the abuse and the trauma and begin to grow at the same levels as their  peers," explained Zedlitz.

Gracie Ziegler, a volunteer with the local Junior League said,"We come in with the families and the children to make sure that the relationship is growing and nurturing constantly."

In addition to breaking the cycle of abuse, organizers say its about helping families be whole again and  establishing a routine for children in a safe environment.

Ziegler said, "They just make bonds with the  teachers and volunteers and become more socialized."

"Some my only need us for 6 months or a year or the full 3 years. The child determines how long they're here based off of their progress," adds 


Through specially designed treatment plans for each child, the hopes are their future is now brighter thanks to the children's house.

Zedlitz said, "Everybody is looking for a way to make a difference and not everybody has the opportunity. I would say Children's House is a true way to make a difference not just for now, but for the future."

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