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Doing Good - Northwest Arkansas MLK Council

The Northwest Arkansas Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Council is a nonprofit all about continuing Dr. King's dreams by promoting education for youth in our community.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous speech nearly 51 years ago, but the message still resonates decades later.

Today, his mission lives on through many including the Northwest Arkansas MLK Council.

Beverly Coleman-Keown, who is on the NWA MLK Planning Council, said "It wasn't about color or race. the one vision he had was that one day all people would learn to live together."

The nonprofit's focus is on education.

Each year it provides $25,000 in scholarships to students across the area no matter their race, age or and religion.

"Some of the students, this will be their only scholarships they'll get before going to college," said Coleman-Keown.

Organizers say by helping students get a higher education, they're also promoting King's dream of living in peace and harmony.

Beverly Coleman-Keown said, "It will encourage them to know they can go on the bigger and better things and all you have to do is apply yourself."

At its annual banquet, students will be presented with their scholarships.

And organizers encourage everyone to attend because the cost to go could ultimately help another student get a scholarship down the line.

"It's about what do we stand for. what did we do. how great of an impact are we going to make today," said Coleman-Keown.

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