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Doing Good - RiderDown Foundation

The RiderDown Foundation is a nonprofit helping the family's of injured off-roaders.

For the past 13 years, the Almosta Race has been a traditional favorite for off-roaders to ring in the New Year in the thick woods of Decatur.

Fred Overstreet, the race's organizer said, "Started out as just a day with a bunch of guys drawing teams and going through a ride in the woods and having a fake race basically. It was just a day. You see kids from 4 to people 60 and 70's years old. Grandpa and his grandkids are coming out to ride together."

More than just a bike race between friends, it is also a fundraiser for the Rider Down Foundation.

Jake Davis, the trail boss explained, "The physical therapy equipment, the travel and sometimes just being able to pay utility bills and keep the things going for their families at home."

In just the past 2 years, the single day race on New Year's Day has helped to raise $15,000.

Between homemade trophies and the only real race in the the area of its kind, organizers say its a win win for everyone.

Overstreet said, "It's just a good day out in the outdoors and at the end of the day you've gotten to help people who are down and need help."

"Some of these folks, their recovery would have been a a lot longer had it not been for organizations like rider down," said Davis.

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