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Doing Good - TEAM Works

Team Works is a nonprofit dedicated to helping children living with a disability or have delays in certain areas.

Although the Children's Therapy T.E.A.M. may look like all fun and games to some, for those involved with the place and the families that it serves, it means plenty more.

Kym Hannah of Children's Therapy T.E.A.M. said, "It's awesome, it's great. This is probably the most rewarding thing I could ever do."

The place is dedicated to helping children locally and internationally.

"Physical, occupational and speech therapy and developmental therapy for kids with disabilities or have delays in certain areas," explained Hannah.

As part of their mission, the facility also started a nonprofit wing called Team Works.

On the local level they introduce children to art and even acting through a play the children put together themselves.

"We have an art class in the spring and the kids create art. In the fall, we have an acting class," Hannah said.

Eric Pate, a physical therapist with Team Works, said, "It's exciting to see kids getting to do kids stuff and how they blossom in that."

But the help this nonprofit offers also goes overseas to Guatemala, the Ukraine and soon even China.

Twice a year about a half dozen volunteers pack up and head to orphanages in the countries.

Pate said, "Kids down there don't have the opportunity to have the equipment and bracing they need. Nor do people always know how to handle a kid that has a special need."

Whether it is assisting children abroad or right here in Northwest Arkansas, for this team the feeling is all the same.

"It's just so neat to see kids make so much progress. I think as a community it is so important that we get behind families with children with disabilities," explained Hannah.

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