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Doing Good - Therapeutic Foster Care Program

The Therapeutic Foster Care Program at Ozark Guidance is part of the nonprofit helping children in the foster care system in Northwest Arkansas.
Providing the best support system to help in the healing process.

For nearly 3 decades that's what the Therapeutic Foster Care program at Ozark Guidance has done for foster children.

Allie Hennis with the Therapeutic Foster Care Program, said "They usually have very difficult backgrounds with trauma and really need a family who can stick with them. As a team we work hard to support the families and the kids so most homes only have one or two children."

The program trains foster families and provides the kids who are in DHS custody foster homes.

With wrap around services like a therapist and mental health specialist, the children get as much assistance as the can at home and school.

Hennis said, "When you see a child settle into a foster home and receive love, it's really a miracle. 

Organizers with that foster program say one of ire biggest needs is more people willing to step up and foster.

"We love help and need help, and the biggest thing we need is people willing to take a chance," said Hennis.
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