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Fayetteville Schools Arm Against Flu Before It Hits Classroom

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. -- As kids returned to school on Monday for the first full week of school since December, teachers and nurses hope to protect themselves and their classrooms against the flu.
FAYETTEVILLE -- In Fayetteville schools, administrators are arming themselves and their students against the flu, but no necessarily with a shot in the arm.

The district's Director of Nursing, Melissa Thomas, hasn't seen too many cases, yet.

She said with the rising number of flu deaths in The Natural State, she isn't taking chances. She's using the time now to get in front of the illness, before it hits her students.

"Any time you have a large group of people together, of course there's an increase chance of getting an infection such as the flu. We are encouraging faculty and staff to wipe down desks in between classes," said Thomas.

"The trend this year is that there will be an increase, so this week our emphasis is on education so we can try to prevent large numbers in the district," said Thomas.

Fayetteville will be posting preventative measures on its website and on social media to get out the message.

"Our preventative actions: washing our hands, coughing into our elbow coughing into a tissue throwing the tissue away, just trying to prevent any spread of any infection," said Thomas.

If that prevention doesn't work and your child is showing symptoms, Thomas said stay away from school.

"Keep your children home when they're showing symptoms. Whether they think it's related to, even if they think it's a mild stomach virus, we're encouraging them to keep them at home," said Thomas.

It's all in an effort to keep kids healthy and flu free.

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