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Fayetteville Veterans Home Cited For Violations, Third Time This Year

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. -- The Fayetteville Veterans Home was cited by The State Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Long Term Care for "failing to ensure immediate efforts...and resolve wound care related pain."
FAYETTEVILLE, AR. -- For the 3rd time this year, the Department of Health and Human Services has cited the Fayetteville Veterans Home for Violations.

According to a report from DHS and the office of Long Term Care, the facility "failed to ensure immediate efforts were made to resolve wound care related pain."

On September 28th, a doctor ordered workers to clean a patients wound and cover it with non stick bandages.

According to reports, those bandages did more harm than good.

"It was sticking to the wound and the scab. When it was removed, when the dressings were being changed, it was causing problems," said Charles Johnson, Deputy Director of Arkansas Veterans Affairs.

Five days later, when the dressing was changed again, the patient said his pain was "pretty close to the limit." The next day, the resident "yelled out in pain" during the procedure.

"Overtime we discovered we needed to change how we were dressing those wounds. Ultimately, we went to a different type of material. That solved the problem," said Johnson.

The Veterans Home took action to prevent this situation from happening again with an in-service training with all CNA and nursing staff.

The facility was cited for the time it took to resolve the issue.

"When there's a change, when there's a problem, it's about communication and that's what we are really having to focus on is helping our CNA's understanding that," said Johnson.
The VA hopes to learn from these citations and move on to take care of our veterans.

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