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Fire Destroys 16 Units in Little Rock Apartment Complex

A Little Rock apartment complex is now vacant after a fire Thursday. Flames shot from the roof and black smoke could be seen from miles away.
WEST LITTLE ROCK: Crews were called to the scene of a fire shortly before 10 a.m. at the Out in the Woods apartments in Little Rock Thursday.

"The next thing I know I got a bang at my door that says there is a fire, get out of the building. Basically what I had time to grab was my phone and my coat, and nothing else," said resident Marjorie Nellums. For roughly 3 hours crews battled the blaze, and slowly the reality began sinking in. The building was destroyed with all 16 units gone, leaving several families searching for a new place to live. "Everything i own, and i have, including my pet, everything is gone," Nellums said.

No injuries were reported but a number of ambulances and a city bus were used to keep people warm. An unknown number of pets were rescued from the burning building. The cause of the fire isn't yet known.
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