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GE & KNWA Brightest Classroom: Mrs. Hapgood-Root Elementary School

Mrs. Adriane Hapgood's music classes at Root Elementary in Fayetteville are this week's Brightest Classroom.
KNWA Today Meteorologist Clint Boone and Steve Cunningham with GE Lighting honored Mrs. Adriane Hapgood at Root Elementary in Fayetteville as a Brightest Classroom. Mrs. Hapgood is the music teacher at Root Elementary. She is planning on using $500 to purchase dry erase markers and erasers, clip boards to hold students' recorder music sheets, and other music needs.

You can nominate your child's teacher and classroom by going to our Contests/Offers tab and clicking on Brightest Classroom to tell us how $500 would be used in your child's class.
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