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Gov. Beebe: State Programs that Get Federal Funds to be Suspended Friday

Gov. Beebe: State Programs that Get Federal Funds to be Suspended Friday

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- As the government shutdown continues, the ripple effect continues to widen.

Directors at state agencies in Arkansas received a letter from Governor Mike Beebe on Wednesday notifying them that any programs or employees that depend on federal funds and cannot draw from those funds will be suspended as of this Friday, Oct. 11.

Agency directors had previously been informed that they would be able to keep certain employees as long as they could prove that the federal government planned on reimbursing them for those costs once the shutdown has concluded, based on the premise that the shutdown would likely be temporary.

In the letter, Beebe writes that since the government shutdown will seemingly be prolonged indefinitely, the State doesn't have the money to cover the federal funds that are usually made available to those agencies, so those programs will be suspended until the end of the shutdown.

The accounting office at Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) will be available to review federal correspondence for exceptions regarding the protection of public health, safety and welfare, according to the letter.

Programs and employees will be required to obtain certification from the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State if they are to continue after Friday.

To see the full letter, click the link above.
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