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Halloween is Only the Start for Holiday Dental Problems

Dentists say the holidays can wreck havoc on your mouth.
Halloween is only the start for the seasons of sweets. Dentists say the holidays can wreck havoc on your mouth.

First,if you're reaching for your kids bag of candy, the best things to avoid are sticky and will stay in your mouth for a while, like taffy, caramels and hard candies. They latch on the teeth and start the decay process.

Good news is a little teeth brushing and sugar-free gum will help keep your mouth healthy.

But cavities are not the only seasonal problem for your mouth.

"Going into the holidays, peanut brittle is a big culprit, we have adult patients who've had large fillings in their teeth for several years, they bite down just right on a hard piece of candy, hard piece of brittle, and the tooth breaks," Dr. Erin Guy, DDS said.

Dentists Dr. Shawn Lee and Dr. Erin Guy in Rogers said it's important to get a professional cleaning every 6 months, but the best thing you can do is be consistent with your dental hygiene; brush your teeth twice and day and always floss.

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