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House Democrats Push for Lt. Mark Darr's Impeachment If No Resignation

LITTLE ROCK, AR. -- Arkansas House Democrats are calling for Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr's resignation amid fiscal issues. Democrats say that if Darr does not resign, they will push for his impeachment.
LITTLE ROCK, AR. --- Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr has yet to return to the Capital while calls for him to step down from office get louder.

Governor Mike Beebe joined several congressional republicans calling for Darr's resignation. Arkansas House Democrats are now calling for action in the wake of Darr's fiscal issues.

In a statement from State House democrat Greg Leding: "House Democrats will push for Lt. Mark Darr's impeachment if he does not resign. The party hopes it does not come to impeachment. It's certainly not something about which we're excited. We're in no rush. The legislature will be in session on February 10th for the fiscal session. We'd hope the Lt. Governor will have resigned by then, but if not, addressing the matter during the fiscal session means not having to convene a special session for impeachment."

Darr hasn't been seen at the Capital since he walked out of an ethics hearing in Little Rock two weeks ago. Darr now faces an $11,000 fine.

Darr has said he won't resign. He added that he has apologized and recently told KNWA: "The mistakes I made have been well documented. My focus now is on making things right with the people of Arkansas."

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