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How Three Lagging NWA Schools Made The Grade

SPRINGDALE, AR. --- Each year, The Arkansas Department of Education ranks all 1,300 schools in the state. Northwest Arkansas is no exception. How did your school do?
It feels amazing, but it's been a lot of hard work
SPRINGDALE, AR. -- Under the "No Child Left Behind Act," each year The Arkansas Department of Education must rank all 1300 schools.

The schools are put on lists according to their grades.

This year, 14 schools moved from the "Needs Improvements" list to the "Achieving" list.

Three of those are right here in Northwest Arkansas.

George Elementary and Helen Tyson in Springdale both moved off the "Needs Improvement" list to the "Achievement" list.

"All the children at George belong to everybody. Everybody works to help all students. It feels amazing, but it's been a lot of hard work," said Principal Annette Freeman.

According to Principal Freeman, teachers started striving towards that "A+" in 2011. 

"We looked individually at each students score in literacy and math. Then, we tracked each students progress. We tracked that over a two year period. We look at our programs.  We revised as we went along to see what was working and what wasn't working." 

It wasn't just the instructors. The kids plate a huge part in this.

"Every student in the school sets their own growth goal. They know exactly how they've been achieving and what they need to do the next time we test them," said Freeman. "Students know what they need to improve week by week and students track their own progress." 

Progress Principal Freeman hopes will continue. 

There are 11 Springdale schools still on the "needs improvement" list. Rick Schaeffer said the district is working to improve all of those to have those on the achieving list.

Click here to see what schools made the "Needs Improvement" list.
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