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How to Give Your Pets a Safe and Happy Halloween

The Humane Society has tips to keep your pets safe on Halloween.

You are stocked up on candy and you have your kids' costumes picked out, but is everyone in your family ready for Halloween? We have some important tips for keeping your pets safe this Halloween.When thinking about Halloween safety it's easy to overlook your pets. but they are among the most vulnerable to the horrors of Halloween.
So to make sure your pets are not lost in the shuffle of the festivities, The Humane Society of America offers these tips that will help make sure they stay healthy and happy this Halloween.

  • Leave your pets out of the celebration. this holiday is for humans. don't let your pets roam when friends are coming over for a party, or when trick or treaters are at the door. costumes are confusing and often frightening to pets.
  • Hide the sweets. candy can be harmful to animals -- and sweeteners used in many foods, chocolate, and gum are the most hazardous to your pet.
  • Decorate safely. if you are dressing up your home for the big day -- do so with minimal impact to your pet. changes to their environment make animals nervous and anxious.
  • experts also recommend setting up a safe room, undecorated, for your pet to hide out in safely during the night.
  • Never leave pets alone with decorations. many are toxic and chocking hazards.
The Humane Society says if you follow these simple tips -- you and your pet will be able to both enjoy the holiday.
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