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Labor Day E-mail About Tyson Foods; Company Says is False

Springdale, AR-- An E-mail making the rounds this Labor Day suggest Springdale based Tyson Foods doesn't offer it's employees the paid holiday. The subject line of the note reads "No Labor Day Recognition"
Springdale, Arkansas -- An E-mail making the rounds this Labor Day suggest Springdale based Tyson Foods doesn't offer it's employees the paid holiday. The subject line of the note  reads "No Labor Day Recognition." We got the email at KNWA and, at the senders request, decided to ask Tyson about the validity of it's contents. The e-mail states that a plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee opted to eliminate the paid Labor Day holiday in exchange for the last day of Ramadan, because the company has 700 Muslim employees.  It then goes on to ask recipients to boycott the meat packer.

We spoke with Tyson's Spokesperson Gary Mickelson about the e-mail here is what he had to say,  "Outdated, misleading information about Tyson employee holidays is still on the Internet. Contrary to circulated reports, Tyson does NOT offer its workers a paid Muslim holiday at any location.  A labor union voted briefly to change the Labor Day holiday at the company's Shelbyville, Tennessee, poultry plant in 2008. Tyson Foods did not initiate the change and immediately negotiated with the union to reinstate Labor Day as a paid holiday, resolving the matter five years ago."

Mickelson also provided the additional information below, "At Tyson, we take pride in supporting our country and efforts to protect our way of life. Here are a few of the things the company and its Team Members do in support of our military:

Tyson Foods provides differential pay for all Tyson employees called to active military duty. The money makes up any difference between their military compensation and the pay they normally receive from Tyson. Since September 11, 2001, Tyson has provided $2.2 million in differential pay to more than 400 employees.

Tyson Foods was involved in helping organize and sponsor the very first northwest Arkansas "Honor Flight." The October 2009 charter flight flew more than 90 military veterans free of charge to Washington D.C., to visit the World War II Memorial and other memorials. Since 2009 the company has helped coordinate nine of these flights for about 750 World War II veterans. Click here  to see a video of one of these flights Tyson sponsored.

Tyson Foods' Veterans Business Resource Group for military veterans employed at the company's corporate headquarters provides opportunity to network, develop professional knowledge and skills.

In 2012 Tyson Foods teamed up with Operation Homefront to provide a year's worth of food to military and veteran families being awarded mortgage-free homes through the "Homes on the Homefront" program.

In 2011 and 2012, Tyson donated more than 20,000 pounds of food to the Los Angeles Veterans Holiday Celebration and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. In 2012, Tyson supported two truckload shipments for Wreaths Across America.

In 2010 Tyson awarded a $75,000 "challenge" grant to an organization seeking to provide more burial space for military veterans at the National Cemetery in Fayetteville, Ark. The Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corp. is using the money to support the group's mission of securing nearby land.

Tyson Foods has established a special "Camo' to Khakis" human resources team to increase the hiring of veterans and their spouses. (Many Tyson team members wear khaki uniforms). This effort has included increased involvement in military job fairs and the addition of a military hiring section 
to the company's corporate website: Click here for a video of a "Clap In" Tyson Team Members gave at one of the summits held to hire veterans."
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