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Lady Scales Fence to See Park Closed by Shutdown

HOT SPRINGS, AR-- The woman was later spotted hiding in the stairwell and charged with trespassing.
HOT SPRINGS, AR -- The government shutdown wasn't going to prevent one woman from enjoying a stop on her road trip.

According to HotSpringsDaily.com, a 29-year-old woman from Oahu, Hawaii was arrested Tuesday after scaling a 10-foot fence at the Hot Springs National Park Mountain Tower.

Park Rangers responded to an intrusion alarm at the tower just before 10 a.m. Tuesday, where they found a dog tied to the rear of the building sitting next to a backpack, according to the article.

The woman was later spotted hiding in the stairwell, where she was apprehended.

During questioning, the woman told Rangers she'd been traveling from Virginia to Memphis before making her way to Hot Springs. When she saw the park was closed, she decided to tie up her dog and scale the fence, then hid in the stairwell because she got scared when the alarm sounded.

She was charged with trespassing.
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