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Little Rock Teen Scores 36 on A.C.T.

Deborah Rookey says she studied for hours at a time to earn the perfect score.
LITTLE ROCK -- It's often said that sitting in front of the class ensures a student will do well on tests. Perhaps it's true, because Deborah Rookey not only did well on her A.C.T., she scored a perfect 36!

"I was really relieved because I had taken the A.C.T. in the spring and got a 35," Rookey said.

Rookey says the score blew her away, but she didn't ace the test without putting in work. The Parkview High senior says she studied for several hours at a time. "I would take the math practice test and go back in my Princeton Review and read the math section on any questions that I missed, " she said."

Rookey's A.P literature teacher, Erica Ivy, says the score doesn't surprise her. "She brings up a lot of points a lot of students sometimes don't say or afraid to say."
"She's a great kid. She's funny. She's smart. She cares about people and I think that's what's important," Ivy said.

Since she cares about others, Rookey says her peers could do better if they just change their attitudes about the A.C.T. "Say I'm going to go in and take the test and if I don't do well I'll take it again, then you're probably going to score higher than if you would freaking out," she said.
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