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Local Events for America Recycles Day

Several recycling events happening in Fayetteville Friday for America Recycles Day
Want to celebrate America Recycles Day? Here's what you can do:

Fayetteville Solid Waste and Recycling Facility Tour:

        Organizers will go through what happens to your trash, recycling and the city's composting materials once it gets to the facility.

"When they come out here and tour our facility, they can get first hand education about what happens to these materials and learn more about the waste that they produce at their homes. Everyday is a day that you should recycle your waste because we produce over 4 pounds a day of waste per person in this country," David Pugh, Fayetteville Waste Reduction Coordinator said.

Used Eye Glasses and Shoes Recycling:

        Pugh said the Marion Orton Recycling Center in Fayetteville will be taking and reusing old glasses and slightly used shoes.

Friends of Devil's Den State Park Donations:

        Drop off old or empty shampoo bottles, used make up or any personal care item you no longer use to the visitors center Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Ozark Natural Foods Rain Barrel Workshop:

        Learn how to use rainwater to your advantage in this rain barrel workshop in Fayetteville. The workshop begins at 5:30pm.

For more information on events happening in Northwest Arkansas in celebration of America Recycles Day visit here.

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